Please note, we do not offer free services. If you believe you qualify for free legal services based on income, please call your local bar association or legal aid clinic (by county).​​ Information can be found by pressing the button here.

What is SmarterLEGAL?​​​​​​​​​

SmarterLEGAL is a different type of law firm. We offer smart & affordable flat fees for common legal issues. This takes the mystery out of legal billing, which allows for easier access to a lawyer. Our goal is to offer an easy, transparent, and affordable experience from start to finish. Some of the legal issues we handle:

  • Uncontested Adult Guardianship
  • Uncontested Minor Guardianship
  • Elder Law & Estate Planning​​
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Child Law
  • ​Other Civil Cases



Smart & Affordable Flat Legal Fees

Free Consultations

​​​​​​​​​​Why We Offer Flat Rates & Affordable Fees?

​We offer reasonable flat fees in order to make hiring a lawyer as easy, transparent, and affordable as possible. We are able to offer reasonable flat fees because many of the cases we handle are either uncontested or transactional in nature. Therefore, we know at the beginning of the case approximately how much work will be required. In addition, we try and keep our overhead low by doing a lot of our work remotely - via phone, email, or Zoom. This all translates to reasonable and affordable fees for the client.

We believe a law firm like ours is very much needed in today's world because it fills a void in the marketplace. This void exists between the wealthy who typically can afford high priced lawyers who bill by the hour, and the poor who may qualify for pro bono (free) services. This puts a squeeze on the majority of people in the middle, who don't qualify for free services, and can't or don't want to pay traditionally high attorney's fees. This is precisely why SmarterLEGAL was created. To simplify the process and help make high quality legal services more easily available.

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