Smart & Affordable Flat Legal Fees


Affordable Fees

SmarterLEGAL is a different type of law firm. We make hiring a lawyer easy by offering affordable flat fees for a wide range of legal issues. We also offer free consultations, so please contact us anytime.

We are able to offer reasonable flat fees because most of the cases we handle are either transactional or uncontested in nature. Therefore, we know at the beginning approximately how much work will be required on your case. In addition, we try and keep our overhead low by doing a lot of our work remotely - via phone, email, or Zoom.​ However, there are certain types of cases where a flat fee doesn't make sense (i.e. a contested case; the amount of work involved is unpredictable at the outset). For these types of cases, we offer affordable hourly rates and contingency fee  (percentage of recovery) options. In all cases, our goal is to make the legal process as easy, transparent and affordable as possible. You will be told the cost, process, and what to expect from the very beginning...

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​Uncontested Adult Guardianship:

  • We handle uncontested guardianship matters for a $1750 flat fee. This may be broken up into two payments.

Estate Planning Documents:​​​

  • Basic Estate Planning Package - Reasonable flat fee

                         (Includes a Will, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Power of Attorney for Property, and a Living Will)

  • ​Basic Trust - Reasonable flat fee


Uncontested Divorce:

  • ​We handle uncontested divorce cases for a flat fee of $1750. This includes all fees and court costs and can be broken up into two payments.

Uncontested Adoption:

  • ​We handle uncontested adoption cases for a flat fee of $1750. This can be broken up into two payments.​​

Uncontested Minor Guardianship:

  • We handle uncontested minor guardianship cases for a flat fee of $1750. This can be broken up into two payments.​


  • We accept other types of cases on a flat fee, reduced rate, or contingency basis (percentage of recovery). Please contact us for more details.

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