At SmarterLEGAL, we have found that for many types of common legal issues and cases, it can be determined at the outset approximately how much work will be involved. These are the matters we specialize in. We do this so we can provide an upfront and fair price to our clients. This transparency allows for a better experience overall, as all parties are on the same page from the outset. This in turn allows us to be more accessible and affordable. We find its a win win for everyone. Some of the legal issues we handle:

  • ​Simple Appeals
  • Simple Adoption
  • Uncontested Guardianship
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Wills & Basic Estate Planning
  • Nursing Home Planning
  • Minor Guardianship
  • Insurance & Injury​
  • Attorney Letters
  • Elder Law
  • ​Other

As you can see, many legal matters are fairly predictable and make perfect sense for a flat fee. That said, not all cases are conducive to this. This is simply because there is no way of knowing how much time will be spent on the case at the beginning. Most contested cases are this way. When two or more parties disagree about certain issues, its nearly impossible to predict what it will take to resolve the matter. Typically for these contested cases, we refer them to an attorney who specializes in the area of law involved. However, in some instances, particularly adoption and guardianship cases, we will handle them ourselves at a reduced rate. Please feel free to contact our office anytime to determine if you have a legal issue in which we can help.

Do I Have to go to Court For An Uncontested Divorce

In uncontested divorce cases, the person who files for divorce will have to appear at least once in court to finalize the case. Typically, the other spouse will not have to go to court at all. At SmarterLEGAL we go to court with the spouse who filed the case and guide them step by step through the process.


Smart & Affordable Flat Legal Fees



An uncontested divorce, or simple divorce, is one in which the married couple agrees on all major aspects of the divorce. Thus, neither party is fighting. When both parties in a married couple agree to divorce, filing for an uncontested divorce can save time and money through streamlined court procedures. 

Eligibility for an Uncontested Divorce
Uncontested divorces are generally available to couples who have no remaining disagreements regarding the basic divorce issues: child-custody, child support, property division, and spousal support. Uncontested divorces usually have streamlined paperwork, in which property and child custody information is filed, if applicable.

Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

  • One primary benefit of this type of divorce is the savings in divorce costs. The streamlined procedure includes lowered court costs, as well in lowered attorney bills.

  • Uncontested divorce also allows many couples to get their divorce granted more quickly than in a contested divorce. With fewer proceedings and less legal wrangling, it allows couples to more quickly move on with their lives.

  • Though divorce of any sort often involves some conflict, proceeding with an uncontested divorce can lower the amount of conflict between the parting spouses by simply offering fewer opportunities for conflict to arise. With fewer demands for information going back and forth, and fewer proceedings to resolve disputed elements of the divorce, conflict between the soon-to-be exes can be minimized.

The issues involved in a divorce are enormous from who will raise children to how a couples property will be divided. An experienced attorney can help not only get the best results for you, but also help you find the most cost effective path.

Steps for an uncontested divorce at our office generally include:

     1) Ensure all parties are on the same page regarding finances, assets, etc.

     2) Have all parties sign the necessary paperwork to proceed in court.

     3) File the Petition to Dissolve the Marriage with the court.

     4) Set up court date.

     5) Attend court with the client (typically only once).

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